Therapy FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions About My Therapies

Does it hurt?

No, my healing is gentle yet very powerful. You may feel warmth from my energy and you may feel sleepy during the healing process but it doesn’t hurt.

Does it involve a massage?

Not at all. The energy healing techniques I use such as Reiki, touch is not usually required. I may place my hand onto an area that requires more attention but there is no massage involved in my personal healing.

How quickly will I feel the benefits?

For some, its immediately and for others it takes longer, all depends on the individual, underlying conditions and issues.

Why does it take 2 hours?

Everyone’s needs are different, and it’s just not possible to provide an in-depth and deep level of healing and overall service within 1 hour.  My process generally takes an hour and a half, to 1hr 45, but I recommend you allow 2 hours just-in-case we go over.  This time allows us to discuss, identify, scan, heal, a then a post-consultation before we close. There are many areas of my process that are unique to me, having developed and then perfected my framework over many years and Reiki  and crytsal healing are just some of the techniques I use.   

Is it religious?

Its’ is not involved with any religion, cult, society, culture or country. It can be used on anyone and everyone. There are no age limits, however those suffering from pre-medical conditions or are pregnant must inform me prior to any treatment.

Anything I should do after the healing?

You will be given an aftercare leaflet which explains recommended do’s and don’ts. The healing process is very individual; however most will experience mild headache following their session. This is perfectly normal and expected, and re-confirms that the healing process is working. Please remember to keep hydrated following your session, especially before bedtime.

Who can benefit?

In short, anyone can benefit. I’ve helped many people from all walks of life. My clients range from those in the performance space who are looking to break through mental barriers and achieve in-the-zone state of mind, to busy professionals managing stress and pains of daily life, to those who are looking to tackle emotional mental or spiritual issues plaguing their lives. Healing is universal and for everyone.

Do I really need it?

You don’t necessarily need to be unwell, or suffering from emotional, physical or mental conditions to benefit. In-fact I have clients who pop in once a month for a healing session just to maintain their health and wellbeing. As we age, we are more prone to disease, conditions and ailments, so prevention is always better than cure.

Can I just book a Reiki Session?

Yes off-course you can.  I offer Reiki  as a healing service, either at my practice (in person) or through distant.

Reiki is a technique, a tool that Reiki healers (like myself) train and qualify in. Many healers provide Reiki as a service, as I do, but I also provide healing services that are based on the actual needs of the person,  the conditions, emotions or issues that they are facing.

Coupled with my personal healing framework,  my services are fully realised through the healing power of Reiki.

Please give me a call if you would like to know more.

Are you a professional service?

Yes I am. I am a fully qualified Reiki Master Teacher, and I hold diplomas in Crystal Healing and Meditation. I’m also a professional member of The UK’s Reiki Federation and my practice is based in a commercial setting, and I’m fully insured to use my healing on the public. 

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