Mental Healing

Don’t suffer in silence

For many years’ issues’ around mental health have largely been ignored by health authorities, governments and societies in general.  Thankfully, this has now changed, and we’re in a period of rapid growth in the understanding of the complexities and depths of mental health, not to mention the impact to people’s lives.

The internet and general media has paved the way for much of this growth; with businesses, public figures, celebrities and even politicians increasing the awareness. Not only is there more help available, but the dissemination of information has also provided comfort zones for suffers to acknowledge, come out, and seek help.

Areas of mental health I’ve helped with:

  • Stress, anxiety & panic attacks
  • Depression, low sinking feelings
  • Addiction, & anger managent
  • Dealing with separation / divorce and bereavement
  • Insomnia & sleep deprivation
  • Self harm

My mission is to be an active part of this new world, and provide a parallel holistic healing approach to sufferers of mental health.  I now see more and more people coming to me looking for these alternatives. Some are there to replace traditional methods, others to supplement medications. I’ve treated those with lifelong conditions, and I’ve helped those facing difficult times in their lives where the road ahead is leading to breakdowns and the inevitable diagnosis.

My healing methods not only help me to better understand root causes but more so to target and then aid the healing processes. This hand-holding approach provides that extra bubble of protection, a comfort zone of reassurance, and a platform to monitor progress whilst I fine-tune to deliver positive results.

There are so many more areas of mental health that are known to benefit from holistic healing, so contact me today to discuss how I can help you.

* MIND, SANE, and the Mental Health Foundation (links are below) are great places to learn more about mental health, and for those who are really struggling, I strongly recommend you seek help from your doctor or a qualified medical health professional. My unique approach to healing is not designed to replace medical help, but more so to work alongside it; allowing you to experience deep relaxation whilst re-aligning your energy points or chakras to make you feel  better.  

You will find details of my special offers here.  

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