What my customers are saying

Reeya has helped me to get more in touch with myself and my energy. She is a warm, supportive presence, who has stood by me and guided me through my journey of self-discovery and self-improvement. Since beginning my work with her, I feel more positive and centred. For anyone looking to discover and harness the power of your energy, you can’t pick a better partner!

Samara. December 2017

Hi Reeya,

I wanted to thank you for helping me with my emotional issues, and helping me get my ‘mojo’ back! :-). Your Reiki energy worked wonders, although i was sceptical at first but i am glad I came to you. I have recommended you to my friends, and I recommend others to try Reiki healing… it really is for the modern age.  See you soon.

Christine. October 2017

Thank you for the wonderful reiki  and crystal healing you have provided.  I was new to crystal and never knew how powerful healing crystals could be! thank you so much for introducing them to me.  I recommend reeya’s healing, especially in her practice in London. So very nice! made me feel so welcome…..  an amazing lady.

Juliet. September 2017

I suffered from creative blockages which affected my work as a writer and performer. After seeing Reeya for my first session, I felt calmer more positive and noticed a difference. After 2 sessions I feel good in fact I feel great. My blockages were lifted, and your healing really worked. But I have also made a friend. Reeya’s healing is unique and she is lovely person who has amazing ability to really understand and that made all the difference. I recommend Reeya’s healing, as she is very good at it what she does. Jo

Joanne . May 2017

I would definitely recommend Reeya’s services! She herself is so professional yet her personality is so warm and calm that you’re able to speak to her openly about your problems and work on them. I’ve only had 1 session so far and I feel so much better in myself. She has really helped me to get over postnatal depression which has not only helped me, but helped my family as well.  A happy mum equals happy children and family! Thank you so much Reeya!

Arti . March 2017

Relaxing, enjoyable and beneficial. Very pleasant experience.

Daniele . March 2017

I’d never been to a Reiki session, but this was a truly calming experience. Be open to change and it will happen!. I highly recommend Reeya, she is warm, gentle and very support.

Vish. February 2017

“Reeya helped me to overcome mental blockages which were affecting my day to day job. She is a brilliant Reiki and energy healer and spends time to understand the problems, and from that devised a personal wellness and healing plan to get me back to my normal true-self. And it is this kind of healing you just cant buy over the counter. I recommend Reeya to people who are looking to better themselves, mentally and emotionally”

Roger P. January 2017

“I really cannot recommend Reeya’s services enough. We have had several house cleanses, readings, reiki sessions and crystal healings’ during the past year, and I can honestly say every single one of them has been worth it. It goes without saying Reeya is so gifted and knowledgeable, and an absolute pleasure to get to know. I definitely recommend her services!”

Seema. January 2017

I met with Reeya when I was in a very confused state of mind being given conflicting advice from my friends and family. She listened and without forcing her opinion on me, she helped me to reach a decision that was right for me. She is very easy to talk to and i would highly recommend meeting her to help gain clarity on decisions

Mandy. February 2017

“I was so happy with the treatment I received from reeya. She was kind and caring and gave me a detailed assessment before giving the treatment so that she knew the reason I had come for. The reiki really hit the areas that I was hoping that it would and I would highly recommend. I will definitely be going back for many more treatments”

Nicola December 2016

“I highly recommend Reeya to all. Thanks to Reeya, I feel more in control of my life. The Reiki has helped me sleep much better, and focus more. The healing has enabled me to face my problems and not get myself down. I’m so greatful for all the support I received with my treatments. Thank you”

Rekha. August 2016

“It is my experience that Reeya Avani is one of the absolute leaders in her field of holistic life coaching and healing. Her approach to healing is professional, organised and totally non-judgemental. She display excellent listening skills and with an open mind tailors a program that will benefit the client in the most effective way. In my experience receiving treatments from Reeya has resulted in improved energy levels and sense of balance, increased clarity of self and it has given me practical techniques to use to continuously grow as a human being. Free from fear and judgment, and to promote joy and prosperity”

Odin. September 2016

“An extract from an article written by Liz Connor; Health & Fitness editor from The Press Association”


…The entire process is a divinely and deeply calming experience.  I could practically feel energy thrumming through my body as Reeya worked from head to toe ‘unblocking’ my stressed-out chakras. That night, I slept better than I had in months, and the next day felt energised, awake and calm.

Liz. November 2017

Reeya’s Reiki helped me to combat and bring my stress levels down. She makes you feel comfortable, i was relaxed and at ease. Healing was amazing, felt light and clear. after few sessions i began to regain control and Reeya has been brilliant and supportive. A beautiful person and very gifted too. Her reiki is excellent.

Reena. September 2017

I am so glad that I started this healing journey. Your Reiki skills and your ‘gift’ i think is the best way to descibe it is truely amazing, and I just want to thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for making me feel better about myself and for helping me battle through my issues and my confidence.  My family love this new me. I look forward to continuing this journey and I am so glad i made the decision to come to see you.

Zara. July 2017

You’re incredibly gifted and the healing you provided was intense. I felt the energy and something changed in me right from my first session. Coupled with your gifted and unique skills the whole experience was exceptional. Thank you so much Reeya.

Alanya . June 2017

I was very stressed when I came to see Reeya for Reiki healing. Not stressed any more, occasionally it flares up, but mostly under control. She is a great listener, brilliant Reiki healer, and is located in a high end place in London.  Highly recommend her!. Oh and a really nice person too.

Stefan . May 2017

Reeya’s knowledge of crystal healing and reiki and her patience over the last 6 weeks has been invaluable in getting me towards being the person I want to be. Thank you for all your help and support.

Sarah . April 2017

Ive been looking for a reiki healer to help me with my anxiety, stress and mental pressures of my work.  Having gone to a few healers before,  and not got much results, I was reluctant to come to you. But I did, and I am glad I did!!!.  Your Reiki is something else. It blew me away   and I feel I have more control over my stress and anxiety now, I feel better and i feel…. well!  on my way to getting better and better…  Thank you!!

Anonymous. June 2017

Reeya has helped me through a difficult time in my personal life. She listened and understood my issues and after the healing I always felt relaxed. Reeya has an incredible gift and I was amazed.  She is a lovely person and elegant and I am very happy she helped me and continues to help me

Anu. May 2017

I found Reeya Avani through google, and i really liked her website. I booked my appointment and when I met Reeya she put me at ease I was calm and surprisingly relaxed.  She spent just over 2 hours with me on my first healing session and after that I felt lighter, like something was lifted.  It felt good and I knew Reeya is going to help me with my condition. Her reiki is very powerful she has an incredible gift and I am benefiting from it. Really recommend Reeya’s healing.

Paula. April 2017

I purchased Reeya’s healing plan, and was not sure what to expect.  After the 1st session, I was like.. omg!.  From the moment I got there, the whole customer experience was spot on. Attentive, professional, warm, kind and all that. She listened, explained everything, and guided me through the healing process.  My issues were deep, but just after couple of sessions, they felt light!. My only regret is not booking her earlier.  Why did I wait so long to discover Reeya’s Healing?    Highly recommend her!

Simone. March 2017

Reeya is great at what she does! Highly recommended

Anonymous. March 2017

“Reeya is very in tune spiritually, She read me like a book and knew exactly where to work on me. Absolutely brilliant results, I felt very light and relaxed. I would recommend going to see Reeya the benefits are enormous”

Beverley. December 2016

“I’d been having a pretty tough time at work so, on a recommendation, went to see Reeya Avani. She listened as I explained my issues and then gave me an excellent treatment which went a long way towards putting me back on track. Centrally located too, I cannot recommend Reeya highly enough”

John P. October 2016

A deeply relaxing experiencing which i enjoyed very much. Never had reiki, and crystals or either but i like what i experienced. And i will do again.

Zana. November 2017

Hello reeya.  your abilities and reiki gift has helped through this difficult time. I feel relaxed, calm and stress free after I get  your healing. You always make time for me and you never rush, I like that very much.  I will leave this review for you and I see you at my next appoint. Have a lovely week, lots of love from odi.

Odi. October 2017

Dear Reeya, I just wanted to write you a little note to thank you so much for all your help so far. This is definitely one of the best decisions in my life and know that very soon I am going to start living my life as to how I want to without all the burdens controlling me. Thank you so much for everything so far.

J . August 2017

Highly recommend Reeya. A salt of the earth person, who has helped me to improve my wellbeing x

Sunni. June 2017

There are many healers out there but Reeya is unique.  I feel one cannot put a price on healing on ones’ health but its worth it if you get the results.  After a healing session I did feel the difference. Things started to change in me slowly but it started. I booked a couple more healing sessions and after those my family  noticed the changes.  Reeya is a highly talented lady who knows her healing.  Thank you Reeya for helping me. Jaz.

Jaze . April 2017

I went to see Reeya to help me with my anxiety, I cannot express my gratitude for all the help and guidance she has given me. Our sessions are always one on one and personalised for my own needs and she has a real understanding of what the best approach is for me at any given time. She has taught me many helpful techniques for when I am not seeing her and always has her door open should I need to revisit!. Highly recommend her services and expertise. Claire Street.

Claire . March 2017

I first came across Reeya through an advert for her website and felt like it was fate as I was looking for a Crystal Healer. The words I told her were ‘I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired’. I have so many things wrong with me I can’t even count.

From the first time I spoke to Reeya I felt comfortable and after I had my first session with her I finally felt positive. I finally felt like I can be better and I don’t have to be ill for the rest of my life.

A few sessions and many crystals later, I feel really good. Almost like I’ve had some sort of miracle cure. The way my health has turned around in just under 3 weeks is unbelievable. Things that hurt, don’t hurt anymore, I don’t feel tired, and I’m a more positive person because of Reeya. Reeya has done more for me and my health than anyone and helped me with my parents and family’s health too. I am so happy I met Reeya because for the first time in my life I actually feel good. Really good! Thank you Reeya! I owe you so much!

Sonali. February 2017

A very pleasant experience.

Oanaoany. January 2017

“I was advised to try alternative healing by a friend and was somewhat sceptical. But after meeting Reeya, she put me at ease and after the Reiki session, I felt calm and relaxed.
But how on earth did she uncover so much? Reeya has an incredible skill and she is extremely gifted.
After a few days, I noticed the change in me and have now booked her again, and I would highly recommend her”

Donald. December 2016

“I have been coming to Reeya and that is because she is professional she has exceptional knowledge and the healing and reiki have also helped me so much in my life and emotionally I would recommend Reeya also the practice is immaculate and if your looking for relaxtion and benefits definitely try her”

Pooja. September 2016

“I am very fortunate to have crossed paths with Reeya. She is a professional and skillful practitioner. I’ve always known about the body’s energetic system and its link to mental and physical health, but after years of upheaval, still done nothing about it. For me Reeya’s Reiki sessions in a beautiful and tranquil environment, has led to a profound and positive impact on my overall wellbeing. I now walk around whether at work or just out on the street smiling. What’s so apparent to me is how the same people see me and interacted with me, so much more positively……This is a fantastic journey and I intent to take it as far as I can”

William W. August 2016

“I have had the pleasure of having Reiki energy work done by Reeya and I highly recommend her. At my first Reiki session I felt a surge of energy and immediately felt at peace. Reeya’s knowledge of Reiki and her gentle healing touch are well worth experiencing”

Justine. September 2016

“Reeya offers a unique healing experience, one which I’ve never come across before. Her Reiki energy was off the scale! and I’ve had Reiki before, but nothing like this. For me the unexpected benefits were the real benefits, and suffice to say, I did not expect that is a vast understatement. Reeya is warm, kind, caring and stunningly elegant! not to mention regal. And in many ways, she is the compete opposite of what you would expect a healer to be. I personally believe she has broken through that glass ceiling and delivers a service which everyone should benefit from. Not only did she help me with my condition, but she also uncovered root causes which I always knew could be the triggers to my issues. I now feel new, I feel energised, and I am most definitely coming back for more”

Steven J. September 2016