I’m Reeya, a Personal Healer, a Reiki Master and a Crystal Healer based in central London. My Reiki lineage traces right back to the founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui, and I’m fully versed in the teachings of this incredible healing discipline. Having qualified in Reiki & Crystals Energy Healing, I combine these with my very own unique formula and offer an unparalleled type of healing. By working closely with my clients, guiding them and supporting them, I find that this tried and tested approach gives the best chance to help those who are looking to better their lives, improve health conditions, break-through emotional barriers, and gain the ability to manage their mental health, their stresses and their pains of modern life.

My History

Ever since childhood, I’ve always believed in self-healing, in that we all can heal and become better than we already are. And it wasn’t until I had to rely on that inner strength that I realised what my calling was, and what I wanted to do. After leaving my 9-5 career, I started and then grew my healing practice from a part-time business to launching a full time central London base. It was a huge step and a nervous one too!, but it was a great step, and it felt right. I now help people from all backgrounds, so they too can experience and break through their barriers.  A small decision can change ones life, and we all know that it just takes that one phone call or that one tiny step and a whole new world of possibilities open’s up.

“A tried and tested method that has delivered clear results straight after the very first session. Contact me today to see how I could help you too!.  ”

Reeya Avani

Personal healer