Hello, and welcome to my website. my name is Reeya, and I’m a Reiki Master and a Crystal Healer based in Mayfair, in central London. From my private practice in St James Square, I provide a unique type of healing, one which helps with a variety of issues including stress and anxiety, feeling negative, and feeling low, lack of confidence and lack of energy. Over the years, I’ve successfully helped many break-through these barriers and overcome a range of emotional, mental and even physical conditions. If you wish to find out more then please give me a call on 07507523666 or click here to book an appointment.

Reiki Healing:

Reiki (pronounced Ray-ki) is a gentle yet powerful energy healing technique that I use to deliver quick results.

Crystal Healing:

Using fine crystals; their energies work in harmony with your body, helping to alleviate a host of symptom’s and improving your wellbeing. 

Wellness Programme:

A bespoke and completely tailored healing programme designed to maximize your healing benefits, and re-charge your Mind, Body and Spirit.

Some of the benefits’ my clients have experienced from my healing

Emotional Benefits

  • My healing has helped to remove mental blockages which had stopped some of my clients progressing in their lives
  • I’ve helped them to gain clarity, direction and focus
  • Provided healing to better manage separation, divorce and bereavement
  • Reiki has helped to boost confidence, helping them to change their mindset, increase their self-worth and reduce negative thinking
  • Other benefits have included: improved personal & professional relationships and how others interact with you

Physical benefits

  • The healing techniques I use have helped to improve sleep, bringing about better sleep, deeper sleep
  • Reiki has helped my clients who are suffering from chronic tiredness and fatique
  • Over many sessions, Reiki helped to lessen the shakes of a parkinson’s sufferer, improving their quality of life
  • I used my healing on an non-verbal autistic child; after multiple sessions,  became calmer and started to speak the occasional words.

Mental Benefits

  • I fine tune the healing approach which brings about positive results for suffers of issues like anger, anxiety depression.
  • One of the biggest benefits that healing brings is helping those suffering from stress.  I’ve helped heal many people who suffer from this silent danger and I provide takeaway techniques which further enhance the healing I provide

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“The way my health has turned around in just under 3 weeks is unbelievable!  Reeya has done more for me and my health than anyone.  Thank you Reeya, I owe you so much!” … Sonali

“Her therapies are one of a kind, very unique and I highly recommended her “…Justine

“Personal, exclusive and effective. Reeya’s personal healing plan delivers clear positive results. Reiki and Mindfulness for the modern age. Highly recommended!” …Odin

“Reeya is always very grounded and consistent. Through her Reiki, Mindfulness and Emotional Therapy, I have made wholesales changes to my life and it’s also been reflected in how others are now responding to me. I have noticed my new-found level of happiness is drawing people towards me” … Will

“Reeya’s Reiki eliminated my backaches, and pains, and boosted my confidence and made me feel more in control of my life” …Mindy

“Why did I wait so long to discover Reeya’s healing?  Highly recommend her!  ” …Simone

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If you would like to know more about her work or if you wish to book an introductory session, then please call Reeya directly on 07507523666 .  or you can drop her an email via the booking page.

Based at 33 St. James Square, SW1Y 4JS, a couple minutes walk from Piccadilly Circus and Green Park.

About me

I’ve always believed the power and ability to self-heal is in each and every one of us; you just need the right healer to help you open those channels that will help you heal. As an experienced personal healer, I help my clients to find this strength, and I achieve that through the application of a variety of techniques that include: Reiki healing, Crystal energies, negative energy cleansing, mind-body balancing and talk therapy (to name a few). I also use a set of unique skills that go beyond Reiki and traditional therapy, and it’s these abilities that provide better understanding of root causes and trigger points. The speed of identification is a critical success factor, as its important to me to fine tune the healing approach very quickly, so you can experience the benefits much sooner than later.

I am continuously amazed at the results that are achieved and the benefits my clients enjoy. I feel humbled and honoured that I can make a difference to people’s lives and offer my healing gift to those who really need it.

I welcome you to try it and experience it for yourself?

so, drop me quick note if you’d like to know more about the healing I provide and how it can possibly help you.

07507523666 | hello@ReeyaAvani.com

What is Reiki?

In this video i’ll be answering some of the most frequently asked questions about Reiki healing.

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